I thought it would be good to share a little simple step-by-step for how I created this posy.
This posy was for a funeral, although you can use these shapes for pretty much anything. You could always build up the height to create a fantastic eye-catching centre piece.

There are many rumours about oasis and whether or not flowers last as long in them as they do in water etc. The truth is that they last roughly the same length of time as cut flowers in a vase. As long as the oasis is topped up with water you will get a similar shelf life. I have come across many different ways in soaking the oasis, and this is where you can go wrong. You must not force the oasis into the water. The best and easiest way to prepare it is to fill up a bucket/sink of fresh clean, cold water and pop the oasis onto the water. It will float at first and gradually soak up the water. If you force the oasis into the water it won’t fully absorb it and will only have water on the outside. This is where you can loose the longevity of the flowers, because any stems in the centre, where there isn’t any water, will obviously die quickly.

Once I had soaked the oasis circle I started my box pleating.
I use a stapler as it is much easier and quicker than pinning the pleats into place straight onto the oasis bottom. Once I had enough length of pleat, I then stapled the ribbon all the way around the oasis bottom, onto the solid green base.
The colour scheme the client wanted was yellow, white and blue so I decided to use white as the main colour and then use the other two colours for the added extra detail.

I cut off all the heads of the white chrysanthemums, so that they were short enough to not snap but also long enough to stay in place. If the stems are too long then it’s harder to insert into the oasis. I had already decided where I wanted the detail to go so I filled the posy as much as I needed to.

Here are a few pictures of the detail which I then added in with yellow roses and blue hydrangeas.
I then wired a few blue delphiniums (blue larkspur) to slot in around the hydrangea petals. I love larkspur flowers as their colour is so vibrant but they are very delicate.
I then added yellow chrysanthemums around the edge of the hydrangeas and larkspur to add more colour and then grass blades across the rose heads. I wired each end so that the grass blades were secure and fixed into the oasis posy.
And there we have it…
I hope you followed as well as I intended. I really do enjoy creating oasis pieces and hope to show you another step-by-step guide in the near future!